First Home Buyers step by step guide to obtaining your own home.

  • As a first home buyer, you will be making one of the most important decisions which will impact you for at least the next few years. You probably have a zillion questions and a little apprehensive about every decision you are about to make. Questions like, do I need a garden, which area is best, what about a baby and when, do I really need my car. These will be bogging the brain.  Then there others involving your financial situation and the impact on your lifestyle… like.


  • Whether you are eligible to receive a First Home Owners Grant.
  • How much deposit you have to pay
  • How much you can afford to borrow [which might be less than the amount you are able to borrow]
  • Whether you want a smaller loan so that you can either make smaller repayments or repay the loan more quickly
  • What additional costs you have to pay
  • What will be the main costs of running your home, for example, gas, electricity and maintenance
  • Whether you have to budget for a growing family, a new car, furniture or school expenses
  • How your home loan expenses will fit in with your other expenses.


We’ll help to answer the finance question and many of the other questions may become clearer.

If you are serious about getting your own home and you know what you would like to borrow them why not try our Three-Minute Pre-approval Calculator and get on the front foot when negotiating on a property. Follow this link